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Clay Plaster Workshop

This is a 3-day Clay Plaster workshop where we will apply clay plasters on a small straw bale farm building under construction at Soul Food Farm near Vacaville, California. Soul Food Farm is a woman run farm that produces organic olive oil, lavender oil, flowers, and eggs.

The plastering instructors are Yoshi Makino and Kathy Gregor. Yoshi is a professional plasterer with many years of natural plastering under her belt. Kathy is an experienced finish plasterer with a talent for plaster ornamentation. In this workshop, we will be using the native clay soil as a base material for the plaster. Participants will get hands on experience through all stages of the plastering on the building. We will mix and apply the scratch coat, the brown coat and the finish coat. We will also have the opportunity  to try relief plaster and ornamentation.

The goal of the workshop is to  provide a broad experience to beginning plasterers. A mix of instruction time, hands on experience along with a handout will provide you with the basic knowledge of straw bale building and plasters.. Evenings will allow for  photo presentations and additional question/answer time.


$325. Students and early birds who register by September 1st get a reduced workshop fee of $245. Attendees receive one year of CASBA membership.  Existing CASBA members receive an additional one year of membership free. Price includes meals during workshop and free camping at site

For registration details visit the California Straw Building Association, 

I'll be there to help run the mixer, manage materials, and put plaster on the walls.  Contact me if you have any questions, or if you want to ride share from S. Oregon!

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California Straw Building Association West Coast Natural Building Conference


This year's conference will be held at Camp Ocean Pines near San Louis Obispo.  Presentations about building with straw (straw bale, straw-clay, cob), fire resistant building design features, challenges with financing and insuring structures made with natural materials, and much more!    Visit CASBA's website for conference topic updates and registration information.   

Contact me if you're interested in ride-sharing from S. Oregon.

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6:00 PM18:00

Building Sustainable Homes with Straw Bales

Almost 40% of all energy used in the United States is for heating, cooling,and powering buildings, and an additional 10% is used to manufacture construction materials; building a new home is one of the most environmentally costly things we do because it has immediate and ongoing impacts! Energy efficient homes made with carbon sequestering materials like straw can help us live more sustainably. Learn how straw bale buildings are designd and built. Presentation includes details explaining construction techniques and options, with several images from Jackson County's nearly forty permitted straw bale homes.

Ashland North Mountain Park Nature Center.  Please register online or call the NatureCenter at 541-488-6606.


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to Oct 8

Eugene Straw Bale Workshop

Straw Bale Workshop in Eugene!   Oregon's first full-scale commercial building will be a hybrid of wood framing and straw bale insulation, with interior clay plaster.   Two hands-on workshop weekends for anyone interested in learning about this unique wall system, and lending a hand.  Free.  Go to CASBA's website,,  for more information and to register.

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6:00 PM18:00

Rain Water Catchment Systems Design Class

Rainwater Catchment System


Interested in capturing and storing rainwater for

irrigation? Participants will learn about rainwater

catchment system components: beneficial uses,

appropriate collection surfaces, pre-storage filtration,

and tank storage options. Bring a calculator and

your project ideas--site plan showing roof(s) and possible

tank location use areas, (e.g. gardens etc.), property

elevation changes etc. Includes discussion of cost

effective ways to reduce run-off, design trade-offs, and

project profiles. Please register online or call the Nature

Center at 541-488-6606.

AGES 16 & Up

DAY Thursday

DATE Jun 29


PLACE Ashland's North Mountain Park Nature Center


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to May 7

California Straw Building Association Conference

This year's CASBA Conference will be held in Marin.  Oregonians interested in carpooling will leave from the Ashland-Jacksonville Area on Thursday morning, May 4th, and return late on Sunday May 7th.   Approximately one-hundred home-owners, architects, designers, engineers, and builders gather to share recent developments in straw building systems, codes, and finance and insurance issues related to building with straw.   Visit for more information, and to register.

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5:30 PM17:30

Straw Bale Buildings--Beyond Energy Efficiency!

Medford Green Drinks holds monthly meetings at Capers Restaurant in Medford. The February 20th presentation will explore recent developments in straw bale building, and discuss the promise of natural building materials like straw to reduce the climate change impacts of construction by lowering a home's embodied energy and sequestering carbon.

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